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    The SoftBooks

    I am the author of many bestselling computer books. Most of them are SoftBooks - a new format and a new concept in computer literature.

    These cheap, magazine-style booklets entered the market three years ago, and have made a great impact. There are currently over 350 titles in circulation in Denmark. The booklets are printed in tens of thousands using a web press, so they are very cheap to produce.

    The SoftBooks are sold through several different outlets, as well as through conventional bookstores. They are also distributed by distributors of monthly/biweekly magazines like PC Magazine, PC World and PC Shopper. This means that you also find them in such outlets as supermarkets, railway station kiosks and on news stands.

  • - a book, but as cheap as a magazine

    The booklets are sold at the same price as magazines (48.00 - 69,00 dkr, which is equivalent to about £4.00 - £6.00 or $6,00 - 8.00).

    Danish market research shows that the public wants a cheap and simple product. Below a certain price the customer buys on impulse - purchasing the booklet like any other magazine. Another aspect is the “feeling” of the cheaply printed soft-books. They are very unpretentious compared to traditional books, and this concept fits well to computer manuals to ever changing programs as Windows , Office, and Works. Who wants to pay 15-20 £ or $22.00 - 30.00 for a 500 pages heavy book, when you can have 98% of your needs fulfilled by buying a SoftBook?

    My SoftBooks are sized 185 X 255 mm. Within 80 pages, they hold just as much information as an ordinary book of 200 pages.

    Croatian edition

    Dutch edition

    Dutch edition


    The softbooks are selling in large numbers – my own titles (all called “Lær det selv”, meaning teach youself) on the Danish market have sold over 600,000 (to only 5 million Danes).

    The Danish publishers – IDG – started printing the booklets in 1995. As well as being a resounding success in Denmark, a good handful of my titles have been published in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Holland, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Lituania, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Tyrkie, Croatia and Latvia.

    Altogether more than 2.0 millions copies have been sold!
    Spanish edition

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