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  • Photoshop - the tutorial. 37 illustrated modules
  • A big guide to Video, Sound, & DVD
  • Beginners Guide to Windows XP
  • Super User Windows XP. 27 chapters
  • A great HTML Tutorial. A online course in 33 chapters
  • Our The Photo Book. 37 illustrated chapters on the digital camera!
  • PC Architecture. A online book in 45 chapters by Michael Karbo.

  • Intel's plans for CPUs in 2013
  • Video Guide to a very nice Windows utility
  • Nikon D300 gallery: Photos from LŁbeck

  • Bluetooth for file transfer
  • Choosing the right DSLR
  • About macro photography

  • 45 illustrated chapters on PC Architecture:

  • Chapter 4. Intro to the motherboard.
  • Chapter 7. The south bridge.
  • Chapter 15. Evolution of the Pentium 4.
  • Chapter 22. Chipsets and hubs.
  • Chapter 30. Inside the CPU.
  • Chapter 38. The PCís I/O system.
  • Chapter 44. Hard disks, ATA and SATA.

    37 illustrated chapters on the Digital Camera:

  • Chapter 4. Images: from light to RAM.
  • Chapter 10. Digital colour images.
  • Chapter 14. The white balance.
  • Chapter 18. Spot metering and AE Lock.
  • Chapter 23. Specialized programs.
  • Chapter 30. Best quality with RAW.
  • Chapter 33. Depth of field.
  • Chapter 37. External flash.

  • See the programís structure.
  • Exercise with multiple layers.
  • Eraser and cloning.
  • Introduction to masks.
  • The Curves function.
  • And much more ...

    Other articles:

  • Start studying the design of a PC motherboard.
  • Learn about harddisks and other drives.
  • Learn about the PC I/O system.
  • Learn about the PC video system.

  • Photos from Cannes

    Tutorial to Digital Photography.

    Photo Gallery - 75 photos of old cars free to download

    Visit Agay - wonderful place in Provence, France Introduction to Windows XP

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