Bluetooth for file transfer?

I wonder why no camera companies copy the elegant Bluetooth facility, you find in Nokia's cameraphones. When return home with my Nokia N82.

I quite often have shot some nice 5MP pictures. When my phone reaches my computer, the new image files are automatically transferred to my pc. I have set the JPEGs to be moved to a certain folder, and it is performed automatically and wireless using Bluetooth. Naturally the transfer is not as speedy as a USB connection, but the great thing is, that its being performed all the time without me bothering at all.

I could imagine a similar functionality implemented in my Nikon D300. With one addition - a little blue button. I do not always want my DSLR to transfer image files using Bluetooth - that would be ridiculous. The transfer is far to slow for huge data amounts, like hundreds of 12 MP JPEGs or RAW files.

I want Bluetooth as an addition. I can use the USB cable or move the CF card to a reader as usual. If I invest in an expensive transmitter, I can also use Wifi. But if I only take a few snapshots of my kids or our cat Felix, Bluetooth would be great. I just activate the little blue button, and the transfer starts. It really does not matter if it is going to take 5 minutes or 50 minutes - I just put the camera on the table. And when the transfer is completed, the camera naturally turns of Bluetooth.

Volia - a piece of cake to implement, one should think, and Bluetooth is a very inexpensive technology.

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